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UltraSonic Nugget Ice Maker

5 out of 5

551 global rating

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Keep cool drinks flowing with ice on demand from the Mueller countertop ice maker machine. The nugget ice produced by the UltraSonic Ice Maker has a soft, crunchy texture and is favored by bartenders and restaurants for its ability to absorb drink flavors. This ice machine will keep you chilled and refreshed with up to 30lbs of ice per day and is portable to where you need. Simply plug in and fill with water with no plumbing required, or else connect to a water supply for fully automated ice making. Intelligent infrared technology will automatically stop the ice-making when it senses the ice basket is full or when water is low. For maximum water efficiency, unused ice will slowly melt into the reservoir, and ice production will restart automatically so fresh ice is always on hand. Sleek and durable, the ice maker will be an added feature to any countertop and will always be conveniently ready to give your drink the ice it deserves!

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  • Soft, Crunchy, Nugget Ice in Minutes
  • Durable Brushed Stainless Steel Finish with Food-Grade BPA-Free Interior
  • Superior Freezing Power Compressor with Exhaust Cooling System
  • Two Way Operation – Manual Water Addition or Ability to Use Fixed Water Supply
  • 30 lbs. of Ice Per Day
  • 3 qt. Water Reservoir
  • 4.4 lbs. Removable Ice Basket & Handy Ice Scoop
  • Large Viewing Window
  • Energy-Saving with Automatic Shut-Off Sensor when Ice Basket Full
  • Auto-Restart when Ice is Low
  • Water Efficient with Continuous Ice Production from Melt Water
  • Self-Cleaning Function for Maximum Hygiene and Easy Maintenance
  • Drainage Tubing
  • Portable, Compact, and Easy-to-Operate
  • D 17.6” x W 9.7” x H 16.9”
  • Model No: NM-530
  • Limited 1 year warranty

5 out of 5

1 global rating

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Instruction Manual

Model:  NM-530

Voltage: 120V~60 Hz

Optimum Operating Environment: 50°F –  92°F

Maximum Water Level: 3 qt.

Dimensions: D 17.6” x W 9.7” x H 16.9” (With Lid Open 25”)

Weight: 34.2 lb


  • Premium Stainless Steel Finish
  • Food-Grade, BPA-Free Interior

The Ice Maker produces Nugget ice, otherwise known as Sonic ice. This ice is small in size and is the favored ice of bartenders and restaurants. As opposed to large and hard bullet ice, this ice has the ability to absorb drink flavors and has a soft, crunchy texture that is perfect to enjoy with your favorite beverage.

It is recommended to use cold or room temperature filtered water to keep the Ice Maker working optimally. Hot water should not be used. Further, no other type of liquid should be added such as juices or sodas. 

A fixed water supply is not required but can be used. This Ice Maker has been specifically designed for portability, allowing you to simply pour water into the Water Reservoir manually as required to make ice. However, the unit is also equipped with a Water Inlet valve at the rear of the Ice Maker, where a ¼” PE water inlet tube can be connected to a cold water line for continuous water supply.

No need to wait as you can open the lid of this Ice Maker at any time, and also remove the ice basket at any time! When ice is removed, the ice maker will automatically restart the ice-making process once the lid is closed.

The Ice Maker is designed to produce ice until the sensors indicate that the ice basket is full. The Ice Maker will then automatically stop the ice-making cycle. During this period, if ice is left in the basket, it will very slowly begin to melt. If ice is removed from the basket, the ice-making process will automatically restart, so fresh ice will be on hand. If no ice is removed, you can press the “ON/OFF” key to restart ice-making at any time.

The Ice Maker is fitted with two drainage tubes and a drainage plug. These tubes can be detached from the rear of the Ice Maker and positioned over a nearby sink or catchment container for full drainage.