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SmoothBrew Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 68oz

4.6 out of 5

1,287 global ratings

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Make over 8 cups of refreshingly smooth and rich cold brew concentrate with the Mueller SmoothBrew. Our unique fine mesh filter will work to maximize extraction and minimize any sediment or bitterness for the perfect brew tailored to your flavors and without any lingering metallic taste. The leak-proof lid allows you to conveniently place the pitcher in the refrigerator at any angle, even lying down, and will keep your brew fresh for up to 2 weeks. The pitcher is made from non-toxic Tritan™ material for a glass-like look but with heavy duty shatter-resistance. Ergonomic stainless steel handle and easy-adjust lid make the brewer easy to handle. There are endless possibilities with the SmoothBrew Cold Brew Maker. Try it with coffee, tea, water infusions or even cold brew cocktails!


  • 8.5 Cups / 68oz / 2L Capacity
  • Heavy-Duty BPA-Free Tritan™ Plastic Carafe
  • Ultra-Fine Premium Mesh Filter (Holds Up to 20 tbsp / 100g Coffee Grounds)
  • Leak-Proof, Air-Tight Seal Lid with Stainless Steel Handle
  • Drip-Free Pouring
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • Removable Filter for Easy Cleaning
  • H 10.8″ x W 6.30″ x L 4″
  • Model No: CB-375

Instruction Manual

4.9 out of 5

480 global ratings

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Model: CB-375

Capacity: 8.5 cups / 2L

Yes, the Mueller SmoothBrew is suitable to use with loose leaf teas.

The most common way of making a cold brew is to use medium to coarse coffee grounds. However, it is possible to make a cold brew with whole beans. In this case, the brewing process will take longer to mature; it may take up to a few days. 

The strength of the coffee depends on personal taste. You may fill up the infuser to the maximum level with coffee grounds (20 tbsp) to test whether the brew will be too strong or just right. If too strong, you may want to dilute the brew with water or milk to create a perfect brew according to your taste.

For the best taste, it is recommended to consume your cold-brewed coffee within 2 weeks after brewing. 

The Pitcher is made of 100% BPA-free Tritan plastic which is much lighter than glass — making it easier to handle without the fear of breaking.

This Cold Brew Coffee Maker is 10.8″ tall, and it fits easily in medium, standard, and larger size refrigerators. 

Yes. The Pitcher is thoughtfully designed with two flat sides so that you can easily place the Cold Brew Maker either vertically or horizontally in your refrigerator.

No it is not. At the bottom of the Filter/Infuser, a removable cover is carefully and precisely designed for easy cleaning. 

The Mueller SmoothBrew Coffee Maker is equipped with a reusable mesh filter so that you don’t need to worry about replacing it.