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SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder

4.1 out of 5

51 global ratings

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The SuperGrind Coffee Grinder is praised by coffee enthusiasts as THE go-to grinder for an authentic home brewing experience. The premium dual burrs will gently crush your coffee beans instead of slicing like other grinders. The high-quality precision grinding action will maximize the flavor extracted from your beans for a rich robust taste in your next brew. With just a twist of the dial you can select between 17 different grind levels from extra-fine through to coarse, making this the perfect companion for espresso machines, pour overs, drip coffee makers, french presses, and more. Keep beans fresh and prevent wastage by selecting only the exact amount of grounds you need with a spin of the dial from 2-12 cups. The user-friendly design includes dishwasher safe ground container and lids as well as removable upper burr for cleaning. Compact and space-saving in its design, allows you to pair perfectly with one of Mueller’s wide range of coffee makers.

  • Premium Dual-Burr Grinding Operation
  • 17 Grind Settings (Extra-Fine to Coarse)
  • Grind Volume Control (For 2 to 12 Cups of Coffee)
  • Grind Variation Suitable for Espresso machines, Pour-overs, Drip Coffee Makers, French presses and More
  • Coffee Bean Chamber Capacity 5.8 oz/ 165g
  • Ground Coffee Container Capacity 4.8 oz/ 136g
  • Safety Auto-Off When Bean Lid is Not Attached
  • Safety Auto-Off to Prevent Overheating
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • Removable Burr for Brush Cleaning
  • Dishwasher Safe Ground Coffee Container and Lids
  • Under Unit Cord Storage
  • L 4.7” x W 7” x H 9.8”
  • Model No: CG-850

Instruction Manual

4.4 out of 5

51 global ratings

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Model: GC-850
Coffee Bean Chamber Capacity: 5.8 oz
Ground Coffee Container Capacity: 4.8 oz

The Mueller SuperGrind Coffee Grinder is equipped with a flat Burr.

To clean the Burr, remove the Bean Container Lid and any beans. Trn the Burr clockwise until a “click” is heard, and pull the Burr out of the coffee bean chamber. Using a soft brush, clean away any coffee grounds from the Burr mounted at the base of this removable shaft. Within the motor housing, brush away any grounds from the fixed internal Burr. Lift and rotate the unit to lightly shake the remaining grounds out. DO NOT use water to wash these parts. DO NOT get the burrs wet.
Reinsert the removable Burr by aligning with the fixed Burr within the motor housing and rotate counterclockwise to secure.

The Mueller SuperGrind Coffee Grinder comes with 17 preset grind settings, which makes it easier to achieve the grind fineness or coarseness you desire. The grind setting can be adjusted with the numbered dial on the side of the unit. Rotate towards 1 for a finer grind or towards 17 for a coarser grind. After a few tries, you will be able to find the right grind setting that will work best for your brewing method.

The Mueller SuperGrind Coffee Grinder is specifically designed to grind coffee beans, and it should NOT be used to grind anything besides coffee beans. Grinding anything else may dull the Burr and ultimately ruin the machine.