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ArmorFlow Heavy Duty Expandable Garden Hose

4.5 out of 5

322 global ratings

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Reach every corner of your garden with the ArmorFlow Garden Hose that expands up to 50 ft during use and retracts back to 16 ft for compact and easy storage. The advanced design features reinforced fabric technology and 3-layer flexible latex that won’t kink, tangle or twist during use. The spray nozzle boasts a non-slip comfortable grip and rotating bezel with 9 adjustable spray options to meet your every need from plant watering, washing the yard or cleaning the car. Heavy duty, yet lightweight, this quality garden hose redefines flexibility in the garden.


  • 3x Expandable Hose from 16 to 50 Feet
  • Kink and Tangle Resistant
  • 9 Spray Options: Flat, Shower, Cone, Jet, Soaker, Angle, Mist, Center, and Full.
  • Quality Brass Fittings including On/Off Valve
  • Reinforced 3750D Dacron Fabric Hose
  • 3-Layer Latex Inner Tubing- Lead and BPA Free for Safe Gardening
  • Ergonomic Comfort Grip Spray Nozzle
  • Lock for Continuous Use
  • Lightweight at 2.7lb
  • Includes Hose Storage Hook, Carry Bag and 3 Spare Rubber Gaskets
  • Model No: MG-50G

Instruction Manual

4.5 out of 5

322 global ratings

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Model: MG-50G

Dimensions: Hose 16.4ft (5m) expands to 50ft (15.24m)

Weight: 2.7lbs / 1.2kg (Including brass connectors and nozzle)

Hose Materials:
3-Layer Flexible Latex Core
3750D Dacron Fabric
Brass Connectors

Working Water Pressure: 6 Bars/ 87 PSI

We recommend using under 6 Bars / 87 PSI for optimal lifespan.

As the name suggests, this type of garden hose will expand, in this case, 3 times its original length, when water pressure is turned on and will contract back to its original length when water pressure is turned off. The hose is extremely flexible and it will not kink or twist, unlike traditional hoses. It is lightweight and compact in size, which means it is ideal to use in the garden with comfort and ease. 

If your water pressure is lower than the recommended pressure of 87 PSI, the hose may not fully expand. Pressure can be affected by other water sources in your home or neighborhood. Using a nozzle is also recommended to maintain pressure.

When finished using the hose, turn the water off at the spigot. Ensure the Brass Connector Valve is in the ON (vertical) position, and squeeze the Spray Nozzle Handle to allow the excess water to drain. The hose will automatically retract to its original size. You should drain and contract your hose after each use. Do not leave the hose under water pressure when not in use.

Yes, it is possible to use the hose without the nozzle attachment. However, for ideal pressure and expansion of the hose, we recommend using the spray nozzle where possible.

Yes, the MuellerGarden Expandable hose is Lead and BPA-Free. The non-toxic materials ensure the product is safe for watering vegetable gardens. 

No, it is not recommended to use the product with a hot water supply as this may damage the hose.