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12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker


4.2 out of 5

5,325 global ratings

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Brewing fresh filter coffee is as simple as the touch of a button with this Mueller Drip Coffee Maker. With a large 12 cup capacity water tank and automatic keep warm function, your full-bodied coffee will always be on hand ready for the next pour. Features temperature-resistant quality borosilicate glass carafe and permanent stainless steel mesh filter which will save money and avoid environmental wastage without the need to buy paper filters. Boasting a built-in anti-drip feature, simply grab your coffee and serve and pour, no mess and no fuss.

  • Large 60oz / 12 Cup Capacity
  • Borosilicate Glass Carafe – 60oz
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Permanent Filter
  • One Button Operation
  • Serve & Pour Drip Free
  • Automatic Keep Warm Heating Plate
  • Non-Slip Feet
  • Dishwasher Safe Carafe
  • 950 W
  • L 9.25” x W 6.9” x H 12”
  • Model No: DC-550

Instruction Manual

4.2 out of 5

5,325 global ratings

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Model: DC-550

Capacity: 12 cups / 1800ml

Voltage: 120V / 60 Hz 

Power: 950W

The Mueller 12 cups Coffee Maker is equipped with a reusable filter made of durable Stainless Steel mesh. 

The Maximum fill line of the filter is 12 tablespoons. Please note that it is not recommended to overfill the filter with coffee grounds as it could cause overflow once water penetrates the grounds.

The best-tasting coffee is dependent on personal preferences, water, type of beans used and grinding level of beans. However, the following is the most commonly used guidance:

To brew 12 Cups, use 9 tbsp. of grounds.

To brew 10 Cups, use 7.5 tbsp. of grounds.

To brew 8 Cups, use 6.5 tbsp. of grounds.

To brew 6 Cups, use 4.5 tbsp. of grounds.

To brew 4 Cups, use 3 tbsp. of grounds.

Yes, the Mueller 12 cups Drip Coffee Maker is equipped with a Water Gauge on the water tank, which helps you brew the exact amount of coffee as you wish.

It takes approximately 1 minute per cup, or a total of approximately 12 minutes, depending on the quantity and grinding level of coffee grounds. 

Yes, the Mueller 12 cup Drip Coffee Maker features an Anti-Drip feature which allows you to serve a coffee during the brewing process. Once the carafe is removed from the plate, the unit will stop dripping for about 15 seconds. 

Yes, the Mueller 12 cup Coffee Maker is equipped with a warming plate, which will keep your coffee warm until you turn it off. 

You do need to use the carafe. The carafe touches the drip container causing it to release the coffee.

Yes, the carafe is dishwasher safe and is made of high-quality, non-porous borosilicate glass.

The Mueller 12 cups Drip Coffee Maker is 12 inches tall.