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Smart Bidet Toilet

The Mueller Smart Bidet Toilet provides a luxury and convenient solution to personal hygiene needs. The electronic unit functions as a standard toilet with the addition of customizable smart features and bidet cleaning function. The easy to install unit can be operated manually or via remote control where you have a selection of comfort parameters to choose from. You can adjust the temperature of the seat surface for consistently warm coverage. As required, the bidet function can be initiated where a fully adjustable designated water nozzle will spray purified water with your desired temperature, pressure level, and direction; front, rear or oscillating between hot and cold. The dryer function will automatically initiate after 1 minute of washing, and when the sensor detects the unit is no longer in use, it will automatically activate flushing. Alternatively, use the kick flush at the base of the unit. What’s more, the toilet features multiple safety features, an internal lamp for night use, and auto-off after 24 hours of non-use for power saving.
The Mueller Smart Bidet Toilet allows you to maximize hygiene requirements in the bathroom, while reducing toilet paper consumption to save both money and the environment. So begin a fresh approach to personal hygiene with our exceptionally safe and reliable electronic Bidet Toilet.

  • Electronic Ceramic Toilet with Bidet Functionality
  • Heated Seat with Adjustable Temperature
  • Filtered Water System For Pure Cleansing
  • 4 Washing Modes: Front, Rear, Massage Hot, and Cold & Flush
  • 5 Different Nozzle Positions
  • UV Nozzle Sterilizer Lamp
  • Adjustable Water Temperature
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Automatic Heated Drying Function
  • Automatic Tornado Flush with Additional Kick Flush Option
  • Built-In Automatic Body Sensor
  • Remote Control With Holder
  • Side Control Panel
  • Convenient Night Light
  • Gentle Close Lid
  • Nano-Antibacterial Glazed Seat
  • Power Saving Mode after 24 hours for Energy Efficiency
  • Battery Only Mode – For Flush Function
  • Safety Features: Auto-Off Electrical Fault Protection, Low Water Pressure Protection, High Water Pressure Protection, Water Temperature Protection, Auto-Off Thermal Fuse Overheat, Room Temperature Auto-Off, High Seat Temperature Auto-Off.
  • Weight 84.88 lb
  • L 26.93” x W 15.86” x H 20.67”
  • Model No: ST-550

Instruction Manuals

Model: IC-711
Power: 1050W
Voltage: 120V~ 60 Hz 
Weight: 84.88lbs
Dimensions: L 26.93”, W 15.86” H 20.67”
Dimensions of Seat Opening: L 11.9” x W 8”
Weight Capacity: 31.5st. / 200 kg

The remote is wireless, powered with 2 AAA batteries. The remote also comes with a bracket for wall installation.

Yes, to operate the unit during a power outage, or if the unit is unplugged from the wall outlet, press the Power/Stop button to turn On, and press the Flush button. 

NOTE: Only the flush function is available in a battery-only mode.

No, the automatic flushing cannot be disabled.

As soon as the user has left the seat for 10 seconds, the UV sterilization function will automatically engage for 3 minutes for thorough and hygienic cleaning.

Yes, the Mueller Smart Toilet features heated seating which can be manually adjusted to three different temperature levels using the remote control.

No, it is perfectly fine to leave your Smart Toilet seat heating on, particularly during winter. The heat source uses minimal power and the Smart Toilet will automatically power off 24 hours after the last use to save power.

The smart nozzle allows you to adjust the water pressure at three different levels.  The user can select desired water pressure using the remote control.

The H/C massage provides cleaning with alternate cold water for 5 seconds and warm water for 10 seconds, which serves as a massage function. You can set the Hot/Cold Massage function to operate during Front wash or during Rear wash as desired.