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UltraBrew Thermal Coffee Maker, 34 oz


4 out of 5

1,587 global ratings

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One button. That’s all it takes. Welcome to the satisfying aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee with a full pot in less than ten minutes. Our coffee maker is designed to make consistently delicious coffee with next to no effort. Equipped with a large LCD display and quick-touch programming function, the drip coffee maker is super easy to use. It also has a permanent coffee filter so you don’t have to spend money on paper coffee filters.
If you don’t have time to prepare your coffee in the morning, the convenient pre-set timer can be quickly configured to schedule an auto-brew time for you within a 24-hour period.
The coffee maker with thermal carafe gives you double insulated warmth. After the brewing process, your stainless steel coffee maker will automatically shut off but your carafe will keep your coffee warm to enjoy. Plus, there’s no need to be cautious as the carafe is shatter-resistant!

  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • One-Button Operation
  • Large Water tank Capacity: 8 cup (34oz)
  • Double-Wall Thermal Stainless Steel Carafe
  • Permanent Filter Included
  • Delay Brew Function – 24h Programmable Timer
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • LCD Display
  • Water Gauge
  • Model No: DC-760
  • Dimensions of the Coffee Maker:
    • Height: 13.4” / 34cm
    • Width: 6.8” / 17.3cm
    • Length: 8.7” / 22.2cm

Instruction Manual

4 out of 5

1,587 global ratings

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Model: DC-760

Power: 900W

Voltage: 120V~ 60 Hz 

Dimensions: L 8.7” x W 6.8” x H 13.4”

Materials: Stainless steel and BPA Free plastic

Both the Coffee Maker and the Thermal Carafe have a capacity of 34 ounces or 1 liter.

  • The amount of coffee brewed will be less than the water added to the water reservoir as some water will be absorbed by the coffee grounds. The type of coffee grinds will also affect the absorption rate.
  • It is possible to make half (or less than half) a pot of coffee as you desire. Simply add half (or less than half) the amount of coffee to the filter before the brewing process.

The Coffee maker will take from 5 to 7 minutes to brew your coffee depending on the amount of coffee and water added.

Although not necessary, it is possible to insert an additional standard paper filter inside the permanent filter. The recommended size is #4, in a conical shape. 

The Mueller Ultra Brew has a Pause and Pour function that allows you to take out the carafe, pour, and serve your coffee at any time while the coffee maker temporarily stops brewing for approximately 30 seconds. 

If you want to totally stop the brewing process at any time, simply press the ON/OFF button. To continue with the brewing process, select the ON/OFF button again. 

The unit is equipped with a “shower head” dripper which distributes the water evenly over the coffee grounds.

  1. Set the current time on your coffee maker. To do this, press the PROG button, and the word “CLOCK” will appear in the upper-right corner of the display, showing the current time. Press the “HOUR” and “MINUTE” buttons separately until the numbers change to the correct hour and minute. Ensure the correct 12 hour-period has been selected (AM or PM).
  2. Press the PROG button again and the word “TIMER” will appear in the upper-left corner of the display, showing the delayed brew time.
  3. Press the “HOUR” and “MINUTE” buttons to set the time to which you would like to delay the brew (for example, if the time is set to 7:30 AM, the coffee maker will start brewing at that time).
  4. Press the ON/OFF button twice: the AUTO indicator will illuminate, and the LCD will display the current time. You can always check the preset delayed start time by pressing the PROG button.
  5. Add water and coffee grounds to the coffee maker as you normally would.
  6. If you want to cancel the delay brew setting, press the ON/OFF button once. If, however, you want to cancel the delay brew setting AND start the brewing process immediately, press the ON/OFF button twice – the RUN indicator will illuminate, and the unit will start the brewing process.
  7. When the time is due, the AUTO indicator light will go out, the RUN indicator will illuminate, and the unit will start the brewing process.

Yes, following brewing, the appliance will shut off.