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Electric Wine Opener Set


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No more hassle of pulling, twisting, or having broken cork pieces. The Mueller Electric Wine Opener makes light work of removing even the stiffest of corks. Designed to fit all traditional wine bottles, this modern, rechargeable, battery-operated opener offers the same portable, cordless convenience as traditional wine bottle openers but with less effort. Open a bottle in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button. After removal, the sleek-looking device can be held at a 180-degree angle where the cork will automatically unscrew while keeping your fingers safe. Also included in the sommelier set is a premium Foil Cutter, a Wine Aerator Pourer to accelerate aeration and enhance flavor, and a pump-action Vacuum Stopper to slow down oxidation until next consumption. The perfect gift, with everything needed to open, pour and preserve a favorite bottle of wine!

  • 4 Piece Set: Electric Wine Opener, Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer, & Vacuum Stopper
  • Cordless, Touch Button Operation
  • Rechargable, with Charging Base and 4x AA Rechargeable Batteries Included
  • Sleek & Durable Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Heavy-Duty Corkscrew
  • USB Connection
  • FCC Certification
  • Model No: WO-110

Instruction Manual

Model: WO-110

Dimensions of the Wine Opener:  Height 9.9”, Diameter: 1.8”

Weight of Wine Opener: 12oz

Mueller Electric Wine Opener is suitable for opening wine bottles with natural and/or synthetic corks.

No, this Wine Opener is not suitable to open sparkling wine bottles due to the high pressure in such bottles. 

To remove the cork from the corkscrew, tilt the opener at a 180-degree angle while holding the power button. The corkscrew will turn in a counterclockwise direction and simultaneously release the cork. 

It takes about 3-4 hours for a full charge.

You may open up to 60 bottles on one charge with this Wine Opener.

You may use 4 disposable AA batteries instead of the rechargeable ones provided by the manufacturer. In that case, DO NOT charge the Electric wine opener by connecting it to the power source. Using disposable batteries is a practical way to use the unit in countries where the power source is higher than 110-120v.

Besides the Wine Opener, in this set, you will find a Wine Aerator Pourer, Vacuum Wine Stopper, Foil Cutter, Charging Stand, USB Charging Cable and 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries.

The Wine Opener Set comes in a durable hard cover gift box, making the unit a perfect gift for wine lovers.